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About us


LandingPagr.com is created by the team at www.fathomapp.com

Why LandingPagr.com

Where do you write your landing page copy on? On a text-editor? On your website builder? Do you write it directly onto an HTML file?

While writing it on a text-editor helps you focus on the copy, it does not give you the actual "feel" of a web page. Add to it the constraints often posed on the web-page - word limits, beautification edits - and the copy is often left toothless by the time it reaches the page.

If you write it on your website-builder such as Wordpress or Wix or Squarespace, the design elements get too overpowering and copy takes a back seat.

LandingPagr.com was developed to work as the ideal solution, where you can write the copy as it would look on your landing page, but at the same time never lose focus to design.


Write your Landing Page Copy

Words are the way you win over a customer, or lose one. Use our distraction-free, in-place form to write your best landing page copy.