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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Was the copy of LandingPagr.com written using LandingPagr?


Q. Why should I not directly code / use a website builder to build my landing page?

Copy is arguably the most important element on your landing page. Attempting to write copy, design, code, host your landing page at the same time can be overwhelming, and take the focus away from copy. LandingPagr gives you a distraction-free editor so that you can focus on your copy.

Q. Why can I not write my copy on a text editor?

While you can write copy on your favourite text editor, writing on LandingPagr gives you an idea of how your actual page would look like.

Q. How do I use LandingPagr.com?

Start editing the home page. As soon as you edit one section and click on 'OK', a copy of this page is created and saved. Notice that the URL also changes. You can access your page using this unique URL. Create an account to make it easier to access your work.

Q. Can I change the order of the blocks?

It is not possible to change the order of the functional blocks.

Q. I need a block that isn't there. What can I do?

Landingpagr proposes a simple structure and encourages you to write your copy within it. Following this philosophy of convention over configuration LandingPagr currently does not provide the facility to add or remove blocks.

Q. Can LandingPagr help with designing, coding or hosting my landing page?

No. LandingPagr is a tool where you can work on your copy.


Write your Landing Page Copy

Words are the way you win over a customer, or lose one. Use our distraction-free, in-place form to write your best landing page copy.