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How to use LandingPagr.com

LandingPagr is a free, in-place form that you can use to compose your landing page copy. Here is how you can use it for best results.

1. Choose your Blocks

LandingPagr is comprised of 17 essential blocks used in landing pages. Decide which blocks make sense for your landing page. Collapse the blocks that are not useful for you. Click on the label at the top-right of each block to expand or collapse the block.

2. Add Headlines

Before getting into details, focus on writing the headlines first. That way you will have an overview of all that you want to say to your visitors. Many visitors are likely to skim your landing page - which means they will only read your headlines.

3. Write Supporting Copy

Once you have the structure and headlines, it is time to write the copy. For distraction-free writing, collapse all blocks except for the one you are writing.

4. Save your Work

When you edit LandingPagr, a unique URL is automatically assigned for your work. Use this URL to save and access your work later. A good idea is to bookmark the pages you are working on.

5. Share it with your Team

Once you are happy with your work you can share it with your team using your unique URL.

Note - anyone with this URL can edit the page.


Write your Landing Page Copy

Words are the way you win over a customer, or lose one. Use our distraction-free, in-place form to write your best landing page copy.